A Visit to Wet World Water Park in Shah Alam

A Visit to Wet World Water Park in Shah Alam

Wet World Water Park is one of the world’s largest theme park, which is situated in Shah Alam. This place is well known to attract more number of tourists and has been luring people alike bees to honey. This park was opened in 1996 and is perfect plant for family outing. Whether you are a visitor alternative a local resident regarding this place, all you need to do is take a bus from Shah Alam bus terminal and reach this delightful place. This is the place, which is 25 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, so only taking a bus to Kuala Lumpur will negative help, reserve your seats in a bus that appoint you strive to this coolest destination.

Now lets a have a look, what this install has stored in? This theme park in is Shah Alam’s latest attraction that offers wide range of rides, water games, and abundance more. If you are scared of water depth, then you will be happy to know that the lagoon level is prohibition increased than one meter here (in extraordinary of the rides it may exceed). For toddlers and youngsters this is a great place and offers huge happy options. The fun at this place is something that being a tourist one should experience. If you are in Malaysia et cetera not visited this repository surely you are going to miss the true experience of fun.

It is not just the water rides that form this place special moderately there are many other attractions that are present private this theme park. You desire get to see fountain of youth, conduit water slide, Neptune Challenge, Lighthouse Escape, Big Splash, Treasure Island, and scores more. This is why the craze for this place has bot the top-drawer amongst the tourists especially who are with family besides kids. One like the most popular slides is the Monsoon Buster ride, which is the world’s longest coaster rides and family are crazy to have a round on it. You are simply not going to experience such thing anywhere in the world destinations, which has stored in for you here at this place.

There is also the section of yellow submarine, which is specially designed for the younger kids. So being a parent if you are worried and not planning to have a visit to this place, just because regarding the rides, then you should not be worried about it, as your child is going to be in safe here. This is the place which has all the infrastructures done for each age group, beyond giving each hassle to the tourists.

A visit to the theme park will guarantee great time with the family and along among this provide huge facilities like food court, different varieties of shops, and much more. The theme park is opened all the days exempt Wednesdays, on the public holidays timings of this theme park are increased.